Our contribution to climate protection

For us it goes without saying that we take responsibility for future generations and to us that is more than just paying lip service. Energy-saving cooling has long become a decisive aspect affecting pricing in the food retail trade. That is why the production of energy-efficient cabinets forms just one component of our sustainable approach.

We are meeting the challenges posed by climate change, the energy transition and scarce resources in a diverse number of ways. Back in 2010, we already signed the “100 Companies for Climate Protection” charter. We want to do as little damage as possible to the environment in order to ensure a secure future for our children. Therefore, we work daily with considerable commitment on preventing and reducing harmful CO2 emissions.

We have decided to compensate for the emissions that we cannot prevent. To achieve this we have determined our corporate carbon footprint. We compensate for this amount of carbon by investing in a forest conservation project. This enables the emissions caused by us to be offset again elsewhere.

We have made not just our company carbon-neutral but also a product line. Therefore, all CO2 emissions released during the production of the cabinet have been determined – ranging from the extraction of the raw materials to the production at KMW – and the product carbon footprint has been calculated. Likewise, we are also compensating for the emissions that cannot be prevented during the production and distribution of this product by investing in a forest conservation project. The carbon-neutral product line is just the first step for us. We will gradually make further product lines carbon-neutral so as to achieve our goal of protecting the environment and climate.

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