Orca® service counter

Our Orca line elegantly highlights your products. The extra-large display surface and stocking height can accommodate a wide range of products while facilitating easy service.

Aesthetics, optimum transparency and exceptional flexibility all give you the freedom to display your specialties effectively. This will animate your customers and thus contribute to your success.

Product features at a glance
  • Service counter for the presentation and selling of meat, poultry, cold cuts, dairy products and delicatessen
  • Inner corpus and display surfaces made of stainless steel
  • Evaporator with a large surface area for high humidity
  • Coated lamellae
  • Energy-saving fan motors
  • Multi-adjustable display surface areas
  • Anti-fog system
  • Remote thermometer, apparent to customers
  • Different glass attachments
  • Digital refrigeration controller with integrated defrost management system