Grizzly® freezer combination

Cabinet and chest rolled into one: with the Grizzly freezer combination, you can clearly display your goods in one piece of equipment. The cabinet is the perfect place for high-quality frozen goods such as seafood. With optimal illumination, high-quality goods are highlighted. There is also plenty of room for a large assortment inside the chest with its own refrigeration circuit. Grizzly is a practical all-rounder that offers the right setting for every frozen good.

Product features at a glance
  • Modern, timeless design
  • Large produce space, high surface area productivity
  • Optimised refrigeration and ventilation system
  • Cabinet and chest with own refrigerant circuits
  • Bright and uniform product illumination in chest and cabinet
  • Optimised vertical product illumination in the cabinet (as a standard)
  • EC fans as a standard
  • Reliable refrigeration technology with minimum energy consumption
  • Low operating costs
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