Albatros® fruit and vegetable multideck

Our innovative multideck concept perfectly highlights fruits and vegetables. While the customer’s focus is on fresh produce, the precise ventilation ensures freshness and a long shelf life. The Albatros fruit and vegetable multideck is available in two versions: one with a recessed top for an optimum product presentation and the other with a protruding top for a perfect integration into KMW display cabinet line-ups. The fruit and vegetable multideck can be equipped with an ultrasonic humidification system to ensure a lasting high product quality.

Product features at a glance
  • Specially designed for loading with mostly unpackaged fruit and vegetables
  • Optional ultrasonic humidification system: extends the shelf life of fresh produce, reduces wastage of fruit and vegetables
  • Reliably cooled and precise ventilation
  • Partition walls made of insulated glass allow for the separation of different temperature zones
  • Available with protruding or recessed top
  • Allows quick and easy cleaning of the carts and the floor area beneath the carts
  • Mobile carts with stepped or slanted displays or fixed and slanted displays