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Container shelves

Container shelves are the preferred choice for fresh produce departments with high turnover. They are especially convenient to restock. Milk, butter, etc. are always presented in a fresh and attractive way. 

The low front allows an unfettered view of your products. The dual air curtain ensures a stable temperature for first-class quality at all times.

Adapts to your needs: varying front heights available

KMW multideck cabinets are available as low-front cabinets with extra low fronts of 190 mm or with a front of 300 mm or 420 mm. These units provide a generous product display and ample volume. The varying floor levels and two different unit heights help the multideck cabinets fit in every store.

Produkte Wandregale Container Regal 1

Product features & Fitting accessories

  • I Available in two heights
  • Lifting front: 300 mm height, large goods display area
  • Easy to combine with multideck cabinets
  • Five module lengths: 1400 / 2000 / 2200 / 2500 / 2800 mm
  • Low front, large goods display area
  • Small footprint, large useable volume
  • Attractive product display
  • Adjustable height and inclination of displays 
  • Dual air curtain system
  • LED lighting
  • Panoramic, partially glazed, and internally mirrored side walls
  • Glazed and mirrored partition panels
  • Energy saver package with automatic shutter or manual night shutter
  • Acrylic product partitions for shelf displays
  • External lighting
  • Mirrors
  • Floor displays (front is fixed)
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Technical information

Here you can find various sectional drawings of our container shelves Albatros:

Sectional drawing