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Plug-in impulse purchase counter

The KMW impulse purchase counter is a real highlight: The plug-in cabinet is the perfect display for meat and dairy products. Due to the counter’s handy size and integrated castors make it possible to place products of the M1 and M2 temperature range in strategic positions to foster impulse buying. The elegant stainless steel handrail profile and all-around glazing add to the counter’s attractive design. The height and inclination can be adjusted to present the products optimally.

The depth of the display is 900 mm. The height of the impulse purchase counter can be adjusted between 660 mm and 860 mm in four steps. It is possible to connect several modules with each other. The side panels can be removed to create a continuous display space. The stacking height for M1 products is 80 mm. M2 products can be stacked up to 170 mm.

Produkt Steckerfertig Impulsinsel 3

Product features

  • Energy-saving fans
  • Large display area
  • Adjustable height and inclination
  • Fully-glazed sides
  • Upon request, also suitable for connection to refrigeration systems
Contact person

For questions and information to our product section plug-in refrigerations:

Frank Müller

Phone: +49 (0) 6431/599 - 38
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E-mail: f.mueller(at)kmw-limburg.com

Technical information

Model Möwe®
Type Multideck cabinet with single air curtain, depending on unit: vertical or horizontal evaporator
Product area Dairy, F+V
Temperature range M2 (-1/+7°C), H (+1/+10°C)
Dimensions (mm) Height


Front heights  (mm)450-630
Module lengths  (mm) 900, 1250, 1800, 1875, 2500, 3750

Here you can find our cross-section drawing of our plug-in impulse purchase counter:

Cross-section drawing