Technical solutions

The new KMW hybrid module makes refrigerated display cabinets flexible, environmentally friendly and low-maintenance.

KMW multideck cabinets can be cooled not only via central refrigeration systems but also remotely using refrigeration modules installed on the individual refrigerated display cabinets. The new modules are compact and require only low refrigerant quantities.

The control technology for the individual cabinets is integrated into the respective module. They are connected via prepared plug connections for electricity, refrigeration and water. Waste heat can be recovered using the water circuit. All KMW multideck cabinets can be pre-fitted with this module ex-works.

The use of remote refrigeration modules offers numerous advantages. A central plant room is no longer required for operating extended display cabinet line-ups. In the case of faults, only individual units are affected and the modules can be easily and quickly replaced. Less than three kilograms of refrigerant are used per module, so that leak tests are no longer necessary and the amount of maintenance required is reduced. The individual modules can be linked to one another, enabling the entire display cabinet line-up to be controlled centrally.

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