Plug-in refrigeration units

The plug-in refrigeration units from KMW are the perfect solution for anyone who needs the greatest possible freedom in the arrangement of fresh goods in the store. The multideck cabinets and counters can be set up anywhere in the store. Whether positioned centrally or as a wall cabinet, our plug-in units give you the freedom you need.

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The plug-in series Möwe is ready to use and is the perfect solution for every store. Thanks to the integrated refrigeration circuit, the plug-in refrigeration unit can be placed anywhere in the sales area.


The plug-in Orca counter elegantly highlights your goods. The extra-large display surface and stocking height can accommodate a wide range of products.

KMW cold plug

The KMW cold plug makes it easy to connect refrigeration cabinets to the refrigeration system’s refrigeration circuit using a detachable connection.

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