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Service counter

Rounded or straight glass panes in retro style and with sophisticated fronts: Our Orca® counters provide an elegant display for your products. 

The extra-large display space and stacking height have been designed for a large product range and are also easy to operate. Aesthetics, optimal transparency, and exceptional flexibility – to give you the freedom to show your products from their best side. This will increase your customers desire to buy something and thus also your sales.

Produkte Kuehltheken Orca Bedienungstheke 2

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Product features & fitting accessories

  • Service counter for the presentation and sale of meat, poultry, cold cuts, dairy products, and fine foods
  • Inner body and display areas made from stainless steel
  • Large-scale evaporator for high humidity
  • Coated heat exchanger
  • Energy-saving fan motors
  • Multi-adjustable display areas
  • Anti-condensation system
  • Remote thermometer, visible to customers
  • Choice of glass tops
  • Digital cooling regulator with integrated defrosting management
  • Cutting board (standard or premium version)
  • Scales (standard or premium version)
  • Knife holder (standard or premium version)
  • Paper bag holder
  • Bag holder
  • Fish tub
  • Partitions
  • Stepped decks
  • LED lighting
  • Under-floor lighting
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Technical information

ModelOrca®-D Orca®-E Orca®-F Orca®-N Orca®-B
Type Service counter with curved lifting disc, rear supports
Product area Meat, dairy, fish
Temprature range M1 (-1/+5°C), M2 (-1/+7°C)
Dimensions (mm) 1230/1250 1240/1250
Front heights (mm) 690 660
Module lengths  (mm) 937, 1250, 1875, 2500, 3750

Here you can find various sectional drawings of our service counter Orca:

Sectional drawing