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Semi-high multideck cabinet

The semi-high multideck cabinets with their typical height of 1230 mm to 1650 mm provide an appealing product display at the shop entrance or the fresh product department. At the same time other products on display are not obscured from view. The compact cabinet with its set-back top and layered shelving promotes impulse buying and thus increases sales.

Adapts to your needs: varying front heights available

KMW multideck cabinets are available as low-front cabinets with extra low fronts of 190 mm or with a front of 300 mm or 420 mm. These units provide a generous product display and ample volume. The varying floor levels and two different unit heights help the multideck cabinets fit in every store.

Produkte Wandkuehlregale Flamingo Niedriges Kuehlregal 2

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Product features & Fitting accessories

  • Low unit heights of 1230 to 1650 mm (depending on unit type)
  • Front heights of 190, 300, 420, or 590 mm (depending on unit type)
  • Set-back top provides very open product display
  • Very compact construction
  • Layered shelving
  • Adjustable height and inclination of shelving (0°, 10°, 20°)
  • Attractive product presentation and ergonomic access to products
  • Smoothly gliding, curved, insulation glass sliding doors
  • LED lighting
  • Energy-saver package with automated blind or manual night blind
  • Display lighting
  • Adjustable inclination of floor display grid shelves
  • Partition grids
  • Panoramic and internally mirrored side walls
  • Glazed and mirrored partition panels
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Technical information

Type Semi-high multideck cabinet with
single air curtain system
Product area Meat, dairy, F+V Meat, dairy, F+V Meat, dairy, F+V Meat, dairy, F+V
Temprature range M1 (-1/+5°C), M2 (-1/+7°C), H (+1/+10°C) M1 (-1/+5°C), M2 (-1/+7°C), H (+1/+10°C) M1 (-1/+5°C), M2 (-1/+7°C), H (+1/+10°C) M1 (-1/+5°C), M2 (-1/+7°C), H (+1/+10°C)
Dimensions (mm) 1490 1800 1430 1230
Height (mm) 1580 1450
Depth (mm) 1020
920 1010 1050
Front heights (mm) 300
190 >500
Module lengths  (mm) 1250, 1875, 2500, 3750 1250, 1875, 2500, 3750 1250, 1875, 2500, 3750 1250, 1875, 2500, 3750

Here you can find various sectional drawings of our semi-high multideck cabinets Flamingo:

Sectional drawing 1
Sectional drawing 2
Sectional drawing 3