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Multideck cabinet

Albatros® combines ample interior space with compact dimensions. It offers plenty of space for your dairy, meat, or cold cut products. The modern design offers a large display area for your goods. The harmonious lighting provides the perfect setting for your products. Albatros® with integrated insulated glass doors is the most energy efficient version. The standard version of Albatros® comes with a single air curtain system which ensures low operating costs and optimal temperatures. Albatros® is also available with a dual air curtain system.

Adapts to your needs: varying front heights available

KMW multideck cabinets are available as low-front cabinets with extra low fronts of 190 mm or with a front of 300 mm or 420 mm. These units provide a generous product display and ample volume. The varying floor levels and two different unit heights help the multideck cabinets fit in every store.

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Product features & fitting accessories

  • Standard equipment with EC fans
  • Height and angle (0°, 10°, 20°) of displays adjustable
  • Attractive product presentation with harmonious lighting concept
  • Single air curtain system
  • Ergonomic access to products
  • Available in two heights, three front heights, and various depths
  • Easy to clean
  • Single, insulated glass doors, frameless or with narrow frame, sliding or hinged door
  • LED lighting
  • Panoramic, partially glazed, and internally mirrored side walls
  • Glazed and mirrored partition panels
  • Dual air curtain system
  • Adjustable inclination of shelves
  • Adjustable inclination of wire display shelves and partitions
  • Energy-saver package with automatic blinds or manual night blinds
  • Acrylic product shelf stair
  • External lighting
  • Mirrors
  • Floor insulation for meat cabinets (front height 190 mm), floor insulation optional for dairy product cabinets
  • Telescoping displays
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Technical information

(Evaporator in back wall)
(Evaporator in floor pan)
TypeMultideck cabinet with
single air curtain system,
standing evaporator
Multideck cabinet with
single air curtain system,
lying evaporator
Multideck cabinet with
single air curtain system
Product areaMeat, dairy, F+VMeat, dairy, F+VMeat, dairy, F+V
Temprature rangeM0 (-1/+2°C), M1 (-1/+5°C), M2 (-1/+7°C), H (+1/+10°C)M0 (-1/+2°C), M1 (-1/+5°C), M2 (-1/+7°C), H (+1/+10°C)M0 (-1/+2°C), M1 (-1/+5°C), M2 (-1/+7°C), H (+1/+10°C)
Dimensions (mm)206520652065
Height (mm)219021902190
Depth (mm)1020
Front heights (mm)190, 300420190, 300
Module lengths (mm)1250, 1875, 2500, 37501250, 1875, 2500, 37501250, 1875, 2500, 3750

Here you can find various sectional drawings of our multideck cabinet Albatros:

Sectional drawing 1
Sectional drawing 2
Sectional drawing 3
Sectional drawing 4