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Fruit and vegetable multideck cabinet

Our innovative cabinet concept for fruit and vegetables presents products perfectly and thus complements modern store architecture. While customers focus on the fresh products, the precise ventilation ensures freshness and durability. The fruit and vegetable multideck cabinet Albatros® comes in two versions: with set-back or with protruding unit top. The set-back top is one of the most striking features and thus makes the product presentation even more prominent. The fruit and vegetable multideck cabinet with protruding top is also easy to integrate into KMW refrigeration display lines. As a supplement, the fruit and vegetable multideck cabinet can also be fitted with an ultrasonic humidifying system in order to maintain first class product quality for as long as possible. Each refrigeration cabinet option can be adjusted to suit your individual requirements.

Adapts to your needs: varying front heights available

KMW multideck cabinets are available as low-front cabinets with extra low fronts of 190 mm or with a front of 300 mm or 420 mm. These units provide a generous product display and ample volume. The varying floor levels and two different unit heights help the multideck cabinets fit in every store.

Produkte Wandkuehlregale Albatros Obst Und Gemueseregal 2

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Product features & fitting accessories

  • Ideal for displaying mostly unpacked fruit and vegetables
  • Optional ultrasonic humidifying system: increases the shelf-life of unpackaged goods and reduces waste of fresh produce
  • Reliable refrigeration of products through precise ventilation
  • Partitions made from insulating glass allow for different temperature zones
  • Available with set-back or protruding top
  • Allows easy and quick cleaning of push-in container trolleys and underlying surfaces
  • Push-in container trolleys with stacked or inclined display levels or fixed inclination shelving
  • LED lighting
  • Panoramic, partially glazed, and internally mirrored side walls
  • Glazed and mirrored partition panels
  • External lighting
  • Mirrors
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Technical information

(Evaporator in back wall)
(Evaporator in floor pan)
Design typeMultideck cabinet with
single air curtain system,
standing evaporator
Multideck cabinet with
single air curtain system,
lying evaporator
Multideck cabinet with
single air curtain system
Product areaMeat, Mopro, O+GMeat, Mopro, O+GMopro, O+G
Temprature areaM0 (-1/+2°C), M1 (-1/+5°C), M2 (-1/+7°C), H (+1/+10°C)M0 (-1/+2°C), M1 (-1/+5°C), M2 (-1/+7°C), H (+1/+10°C)M0 (-1/+2°C), M1 (-1/+5°C), M2 (-1/+7°C), H (+1/+10°C)
Measurements (mm)206520652065
Height (mm)219021902190
Front height (mm)190, 300420190, 300
Modules (mm)1250, 1875, 2500, 37501250, 1875, 2500, 37501250, 1875, 2500, 3750

Here you can find various sectional drawings of our fruit and vegetable multideck cabinet Albatros:

Sectional drawing